Our Team

We're as unique and clever as the gifts we offer.

Tonya and Dan are the co-founders of The Omaha Gift Company. Tonya and Dan owned 621 Gifts, a gift company very similar to The Omaha Gift Company which was founded in 2015. After building the business year over year and responding to the resounding need that business owners have for unique client gifts, we were ready to pivot and provide those corporate gift solutions. We created a new brand that offers a gift experience based in home-grown hospitality with the forward-thinking authority of professionals who understand the business world and the importance of building relationships in business.


Tonya Ludwig
Tonya spent many years in the corporate world with experience in both the legal and marketing fields before the entrepreneurial bug bit, and it's become a passion to start businesses and create unique products ever since. With a deep passion for writing and creativity, Tonya spends time in the margins writing, reading and creating memories with her granddaughters. Tonya is from Florida but spent just as much time in South Dakota with stints in Indiana and Colorado. After consistently hearing people say she has a knack for coming up with unique gifts, she decided to turn that talent into a business. Life advice: Never say never.


Daniel Ludwig

Dan is our visionary. He's the expert at strategic planning and keeping us moving in the right direction using all the right processes. Most of his work life has been spent in audits, inspections, and business development, meaning he's exactly the guy to keep us on the right track. Dan is a Nebraska native and when he's not working he's fishing, enjoying live music, or helping other business owners in some fashion. His passion for building business growth extends beyond ours - he desires to help anyone who needs a gentle nudge in the right direction. Life advice: Slow down, breathe, and live in the moment.



Kailah White 

Kailah is our digital marketing coordinator and order fulfillment director. She is the creator of all things that make you love following us on social media and ensures every gift is done right and on time. Kailah's additional priorities include being a fabulous momma and wife, teaching, and creating memorable experiences for her family and friends.



Shirley Masters

Shirley (or Ma, as we like to call her) is our product inventory specialist. She makes sure every product is received, is in gift-able condition, and alerts us when it's time to refill our shelves. She's also chief encouragement officer, motivating us to keep on keepin' on. When she takes a break from keeping us on our toes, Shirley can be found running around with her church group visiting cool places, volunteering, and following her great-grandchildren all over God's green earth to watch them participate in a variety of activities. 



Eliza is our junior executive in charge of heart management. When she isn't in school, in dance class, playing or changing into her fourth outfit of the day, she's punching little hearts we drop into each box or she can be found stuffing boxes with crinkle paper. She's our little entrepreneur boss-girl.

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