About Us

Everyone has clients. Make yours loyal.

Our carefully curated gift boxes elevate your relationships with your clients, increase traffic from referral sources, and create goodwill among your employees. 

Our gifts are filled with products made in America by small businesses. We're a small business that supports small business. Giving becomes more meaningful when you give a gift from The Omaha Gift Company. 

We're also here for those personal moments, from life’s celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and the arrival of a new baby, to the more tender moments when you want to extend your caring thoughts, well wishes, or sympathy. 

When you shop at The Omaha Gift Company, you’re helping us support America’s small businesses and artisan makers. In addition to our commitment to small business, we are committed to giving back in our community through volunteerism, financial gifts, and sharing our personal gifts.

We searched, found, and tasted (someone had to do it!) many products to bring together a variety of high quality, unique food items that you can place confidence in when sending your gift.

We want your gift-giving occasions to be meaningful for both you and your recipient. When you give a gift from The Omaha Gift Company, it shows that you put sincere thought into tailoring a gift through the choices you make. Everyone has clients. We help make yours loyal.


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