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Why Give Gifts

September 26, 2019

Why Give Gifts

You Wouldn't Have a Business Without Clients

Let's start with the bottom line. There isn't one business in the history of the world that can survive without customers. When a human being chooses your business out of all the other options they have, that is a really big deal. The fact is, most people make their buying decisions based on how the company or brand makes them feel, not whether it's the "best" product or service on the market. How you treat people - your customers, your employees, your colleagues, says everything about you.

Gifts Are Marketing Tools

You spend a lot of money to promote your business. With the cost it takes to run ads on social media that rarely gets seen, get a few seconds of attention during a radio ad, and the cost to print an ad in a publication that gets thrown away, gifts are a marketing tool that have staying power and immeasurable ROI. When you send a gift with useable unique items, they're remembered. 

If you are entering 4th quarter with additional marketing funds, holiday gifts should be a primary use of those funds. 

High Impact Through Low Effort

The thing that you struggle with the most is exactly where we provide the most value to you. You want to send gifts and show appreciation to your clients, but it's the one thing that gets put on the back burner. We get it. In every business, it seems like the one thing that would have the most positive impact is the one thing that we don't make time to do. Likely because we're busy putting out fires, focusing on our KRAs, and dealing with deadlines. 

The Omaha Gift Company exists to give you peace of mind that your clients know you care while you focus on the reason they hired you in the first place. You do the work, we'll do the gratitude. 

Prospects, Referrals, Growth, Impact

We've heard a lot of people say it's not in their budget, they can't afford to send much, and every other excuse in the book. Excuses are the reason those businesses aren't growing.

Gifts grow your business. Period. One of our clients wrote a review saying,

"I can clearly attribute additional business as a result of using them."

Our clients who send gifts for prospecting and referral thank-yous see growth as a result. We're not doing this for us, we're doing it for you. As a small business, we want to see other small businesses grow and thrive. We're doing a small part in helping the owners of the businesses who make the products we use experience growth because we buy from them. When you send gifts through The Omaha Gift Company, you help grow your business, you help grow our business and you help grow the businesses of makers across the entire country. Now that's impact. 

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