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An Inspired Season

May 06, 2016

It’s the time of year when cliché’s abound, such as “Spring has Sprung!,” “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” and “Spring is in the air!”

While I enjoy all these cute quotes mainly because it means warmer weather is on the way, this time of year also brings hope, promise, and newness.

My family is beginning to emerge from a season of loss with the death of my dad this past November. To say it was a cold, dark winter would be an understatement. We’ve worked hard to focus on celebrating Dad – who he was to us and what he meant to us, rather than honing in on the pain of his absence. No, we aren’t healed from our loss, as our loss is vast and our grief immeasurable, but we are learning to live with this new normal and to be grateful for the time we had with him.

This year, I envision Spring as an opportunity to embrace the beautiful changes that come with this new season. Hope is revealed at every turn and Dad wouldn’t want us to miss that. In the tiny buds promising to bloom into full trees and colorful flowers, in the green blades of grass overpowering the dried, brown leftovers of last summer, in the sound of birds singing once again after a song-less winter.

Spring brings with it the promise of days filled with more sunshine, warmth on our skin, rainbows after a storm. Spring reminds us of God’s boundless creativity. From the amazing spectrum of colors found in flowers, trees, birds, and grasses, to the hues that are swept across the sky, to the numerous species of butterflies, we celebrate the gifts provided to us in nature.

And the newness this Spring brings? Well, this year, the newness of Spring will bring with it a new baby. Our third granddaughter is expected to arrive in a few weeks. As Spring brings to life all that has been dormant over the past several months, it will also bear witness to the new life of a baby, a precious girl who will bless us and remind us that all the seasons of life are meant to be celebrated.

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