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Was Mark Twain Misquoted?

May 06, 2016

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  – Mark Twain


I’m certain someone didn’t catch the “s” at the end of Mark Twain’s second use of the word “day.” He probably said “the days you find out why,” and someone in history made a big mistake in recording that quote. Surely, Mr. Twain didn’t intend for us to believe we’re here for one purpose such as he was. While vastly important, not everyone is born to be only a master of literature or a doctor or a musician.

I’ve had a pretty eclectic work history that runs between the structured, confined lines of the legal field to the think-outside-the-box, creativity-is-encouraged-here freedom of marketing. The problem is I was good at both, which left me more confused about what I was supposed to do with my life. When we developed the idea for 621 Gifts, I realized I had been blessed with many small gifts throughout my life. Each gift had been revealed for the time or season of my life that needed the particular talent. When I became a grandmother, I realized more than ever the importance of a life well lived and that I wanted mine to carry more meaning. For me, that meant no longer dedicating the majority of my time to the corporate world. Our business allows me to have the flexibility and ability to provide for my family in ways I never could have when I worked for someone else. The right gift for the season of my life had come along in the form of 621 Gifts.

Regardless of where I spent my weekdays, I have always had a passion for helping others. I find great blessings in blessing others. Our model for 621 Gifts brings you product lines made by small businesses in the Midwest. This allows us to support small businesses, which we believe are the heart and soul of this country. Small business owners, especially those who hand-craft food products, skin care, and other handmade items, are living out their gift. They developed a passion and they grew a product and a business from that passion. They provide us high quality foods and items that you can’t get in any discount or big box store. Many of our vendors also give back through methods such donating portions of their profits to charity, employing developmentally disabled individuals, and providing education on sustainable farming practices. They rely on people like us to help get the word out and they rely on people like you to give them a chance.

Since we also give back a portion of our profits to charity, gifts from 621 Gifts turn into an endless cycle of giving that can make you feel good every time you make a purchase. We know how very blessed we are to operate a business we love and to bring you gifts we believe in, so it made sense to us that we would give back to organizations that are doing great things in our community, nation, and world. Our business model is special in both our support for small business and our support for charitable organizations. We’re unique, for sure.

So, you see, there isn’t just one day in which you find out why you were born. I believe we have many talents that come out when we most need them at different times in our lives. Talents and gifts that, when cultivated, allow us to shine our light in the lives of others. Whether you’re top in sales at your company or you’ve been waiting tables for 30 years, what you do matters and you’ve made a difference in someone’s life at just the right time, in just the right way, because you were simply there.

Just showing up is a gift in itself.

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