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Finding My Gift

May 06, 2016

I’ve spent a good portion of my life wondering, “Where’s my big gift?”

I’m not talking about material gifts. I’m talking about talents, spiritual gifts, that thing you know you’re meant to do or be. Look all around and you’ll find people with obvious gifts. Surgeons who save lives every day, singers with angelic voices, or gourmet chefs running their own restaurants receiving acclaimed reviews of their culinary creations, and the list doesn’t stop there.

I found myself in a season of wondering why I didn’t know my gift. It took a very long time for me to understand the truth. We haven’t all been blessed with big gifts. Some of us have little gifts.

Does it seem like all your friends come to you with their problems? It just might be that your gift is being a good listener or giving sound advice. Are you energized by helping others? Maybe your gift is volunteering or teaching or retail. Do you feel amazing after a day when you’ve had a chance to be in a role of leadership? Perhaps your gift is being a stay-at-home mom or managing a business.

Eventually, I found that my gifts are small but I have several. I am creative and express that creativity through writing. I have a servant heart and enjoy doing things for others. I find great joy in giving to others.

Giving, creativity, and helping others were the motivators for 621 Gifts. It is a way that we are able to go on a treasure hunt for unique gift items, bringing the joy and fun back to gift giving. Helping others is one of our core values, so we donate a portion of our profits to charities, which makes the giving continue far beyond one occasion.

Be sure to follow our blog as we provide great tips on giving – both of gifts and talents.

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